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The ICPR 2012 Contest Co-Chairs invite proposals for contests, whose results will be presented at the 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition ( The aim of the contests is to encourage better scientific development through comparing competing approaches on a common dataset. Each contest needs a contest organizer, who will be responsible for providing the dataset and setting clear competition tasks. The contest organizer should advertise the contest by Oct 1, 2011 (the schedule below is set so as to encourage contest participants to submit papers to main conference). The ICPR web site will also publicize the contest. The contest meeting will be a quarter/half day session (organizer's choice) at the conference on November 11, 2012, immediately before the start of the main conference. The format of the meeting is up to the contest organizer, but we anticipate it will include a description of the challenge and dataset, and a summary of performance on the different competition tasks. There could be presentations by the top scoring teams.


ICPR 2012 will be responsible for the following:

- Providing a meeting venue with necessary equipment and logistical support for the contests including support staff in each room.
- Duplicating contest notes and distributing them to the participants at the conference venue. Contest organizers are encouraged to make summary notes of their contest results for stimulating discussions in their sessions.



Important Contest Session Dates

Contest Proposal Deadline July 15, 2011
Notification of Acceptance August 15, 2011
Contest Announcement to Participants (Tasks, Dataset and Metrics) Oct 1, 2011
Submissions of Contest Results and submission of a 2-3 page report for copying and distribution to the participants. Oct 1, 2012
Results of the competition are announced at the conference Nov 11, 2012


How to Submit Proposal

To propose a contest, a PDF file containing the following information must be sent to the ICPR 2012 Contest Co-Chairs, Yasuyo Kita <y.kita(at)> and Robert Fisher <rbf(at)> by July 15, 2011 (All submissions will be acknowledged by email) :

1. Contest title and abstract
2. Name and contact information of the main organizer and at least 2 other expert committee members
3. General description of the problem
4. Description of the dataset to be used
5. Description of the actual competition tasks
6. Evaluation metrics
7. Plan of how to organize the contest
8. Estimated number of participants
9. Preference of a quarter day session or a half day session

Other points that should be taken into account are as follows:
* The dataset should be interesting, available, and sufficiently large.
* The tasks should be interesting and novel, but also accessible without too much domain specific knowledge.
* The evaluation metrics should be clear and easy to apply.



Potentially Useful Tools

The following packages have been proposed by their developers as potential frameworks to make your contest easier to organize or execute. No endorsement by ICPR 2012 or IAPR is implied. Contact the email address below for more information.

  • - Adessowiki: an "On-line Collaborative Scientific Programming Platform" with support for Python, C++ (through Python) and CUDA (GPU). Contact: Roberto A. Lotufo - lotufo(at)

  • - TunedIT Challanges or TunedIT Data Competitions: facilitates organization of a contest. Contact: Marcin Wojnarski - marcin.wojnarski(at)




Contact Address

ICPR 2012 Contest Co-Chairs,
Yasuyo Kita <y.kita(at)>

Robert Fisher <rbf(at)>






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